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Types of interviews

Interviews are a two way process to determine whether you are suited to the job and for you to sell your achievements and potential and find out more about the role.

There are several different types of interview and selection exercises that could be used

Behavioural Interview

This is where the interviewer questions and probes what your actual experience of situations is, in order to predict how you would react or behave in the future. You will be asked to give specific examples of situations that you have dealt with and what the outcomes were. A typical question could be something like: Can you give me an example of a time when you worked well as part of a team? This method is also used for our internal interviews.

Biographical Interviews

This is where you are taken through your CV, usually in chronological order, to understand exactly what your experience and achievements are with any supporting information.

Group Interviews

A group Interview is a method for assessing the strengths and development needs of candidates. They generally last for half a day and are made up of a selection of group and individual exercises, followed by a competency interview for those that show evidence of the competencies during exercises. The use of group interviews is appropriate in the following circumstances:
• Multiple vacancies where an employer can see a larger number of applicants
• Vacancies which require a strong element of teamwork

Assessment Centres

An Assessment Centre is a method for assessing the strengths and development needs of candidates. They generally last for a day and are made up of a number of exercises such as:

  • Group discussion
  • Role Plays
  • Analysis Presentation
  • Ability tests i.e. numerical reasoning

Skill Testing (ability and aptitude tests)

Measures specific skill set and result in a score that gives an indication of existing ability or potential to learn skills required for the job. Such tests could include numerical and verbal reasoning.

Personality Questionnaires

The questionnaire is designed to provide information on your typical behaviour within work and similar situations. They give an insight into how you see yourself that is not always available through interviews alone. These tests are designed by occupational pyschologists and are validated in a standardised way.

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